Doris Day

The shelter can be a scary & lonely place for ANY dog, but it has to be scarier for a 12-year-old senior with loose teeth, a cloudy inflamed eye, and itchy skin driving her crazy.

Our friends at Saving Baldwin Shelter Dogs were not going to let this girl spend her last days in a concrete kennel and neither were we!

Meet Doris Day who, because we were able to have a committed foster on board, said GOODBYE to the shelter life forever!

Our girl Ms. Doris Day visited Dr. Ramirez shortly after we rescued her and our friends at CUDDLY want to tell you all about it!

Our sweet girl is currently being treated for bronchitis and will undergo multiple teeth extractions. Once her breathing is clear, she will also have her damaged eye removed. 
But there’s more…. CUDDLY helps us help our rescue animals by managing a platform for supporters to easily make donations via PayPal/credit card or by purchasing items off our wish list. It costs US nothing, and our rescue dogs win!
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