Meet Charlotte

Meet Charlotte

When Charlotte’s family was evicted from their apartment, they left her behind. Neighbors called the building’s manager, who happens to be related to one of our volunteers, after they noticed that Charlotte wouldn’t leave the front door for days. Upon entering the apartment, the manager found the apartment in very bad shape. Bed bugs and roaches were later discovered throughout the apartment. After talking with neighbors, the building manager discovered that the dog had been left for 5 days. Neighbors assumed she was being fed so no one gave her food or water for the 5 days she was left alone. The building manager contacted his niece (our volunteer) and a plan was set in place to get her to safety.

We named her Charlotte, after Charlotte’s Web because we thought she was pregnant. She was so heavy! 25 lbs to be exact. Her new foster mommy drove her to the vet to check whether she was pregnant and to figure out why her urine had so much blood in it. X-rays showed no babies but the vet did conclude that she had multiple litters throughout her life. She was given antibiotics for a urinary infection and was put on a strict diet. In about 4 or so weeks, on an all wet-food diet, Charlotte was able to lose a couple of pounds and her urine was back to normal!

It only took her a couple of days to realize she was in a loving and safe environment to come out of her shell. She lived with feline and canine brothers and sisters and got along great with everyone! She began to trust people again and was a total love bug who loved to give kisses.

Needless to say, Charlotte won someone’s heart and she soon embarked on her new journey in her new home. After two months in foster home, she was adopted by a wonderful person who understood her trauma and wanted to give her the best home possible. Charlotte was renamed Luna and has a terrier brother named Oliver. She’s already enjoyed a day at the beach and even had a welcoming party from her mommy’s friends. She loves to go on walks and explore the outdoors as well as cuddle indoors. She even has her own Instagram account where you can continue to follow her amazing journey @Oliver_Luna16

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