Meet Twinky

Meet Twinky

Twinky was rescued when his owners could no longer keep him. They really couldn’t give us an explanation as to why but we knew he was shelter bound. We decided right then and there that he would not enter the shelter. He was matted, dirty, scared, confused. We don’t know how long his family had kept him in this condition but we knew he wasn’t comfortable at all. We got him groomed and all cleaned up. One of our foster parents picked him up the same day and so his new journey began.

He lived in a household with multiple cats and 1 other dog. He was very shy and would shake if anyone raised their voice even a little bit. He wasn’t potty trained either. The constant accidents and nervousness made it clear that this household was too much for him. Any little noise would cause him to shake and urinate from the nervousness. So we hatched a plan to have another one of our volunteers and foster dad, Vu, foster him for a couple of weeks. Vu was great at potty training dogs and puppies. Within one week, Twinky was a completely different dog.

After two weeks, he returned to his previous foster home where he lived in harmony with all the other pets. He never had 1 accident again inside the home. He was a much happier and a less nervous and shy dog. He was playful, joyful and a bit goofy! He enjoyed daily walks, playtime, cuddling and sometimes even playing with one of the resident cats! At one of our adoption events we used to at the DTLA ArtWalk, a couple stopped by. They weren’t very interested in the 8-week-old puppies everyone was gushing over. Instead, they gravitated toward Twinky, the 1 year old, poodle mix, ragdoll-looking dog with an underbite. They held him like a baby and Twinky was loving it! They spent most of the night with him and then to our surprise, filled out an application to adopt him!

After months in foster care, Twinky now had a potential home! A couple of days later, his foster mommies drove down to DTLA to make it official. Twinky remembered the couple and immediately knew this was his forever family. It’s been a little over a year since he’s been adopted and his parents can’t stop gushing over how perfect he is! They renamed him Leo and have visited us a couple of times. Needless to say, Leo had a tough life before but we don’t think he remembers all the bad stuff anymore. He happily eats at the dinner table on special occasions, sleeps under the covers as he pleases, travels and has become a Dodger fan like his parents! Leo is a true rescue story and we’re so happy this little guy has a bright road ahead of him.

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